The Hermit Syllabus

Sunday September 15th

Finding Ourselves Right Here Right Now with Eliza 5:00pm /// FEAST 6:00pm /// Gathering of the Hermits Ceremony 8:00pm /// RED

Monday September 16th

Finding Ourselves Right Here Right Now with Eliza 10:00am /// The Hermit: Panpsychic Poet 11:00am /// Initiations into the Ceremonial Magic of the Arcana of the Tarot with Eliza 2:00pm /// Quest: Panpsychic Poetry with Sand 5:00pm /// Art Share 8:00pm /// ORANGE

Tuesday September 17th

Plant Communication with Saewon 10:00am /// Quest: Panpsychic Poetry with Rocks 2:00pm /// YELLOW

Wednesday September 18th

Hypnosis and NLP with Lily Benson 10:00 am /// Quest: Panpsychic Poetry with Plants 3:00pm /// Psychic Self Protection with Eliza 5:00pm /// GREEN

Thursday September 19th

Shapeshifting with Eliza 10:00 am /// Video Magic with Lily Benson 2:00pm /// Panpsychic Poetry with Stars /// BLUE

Friday September 20th

Essence Making with Saewon Oh 10:00 am /// Video Poems 2:00pm /// INDIGO

Saturday September 21st

Rainbow Breakfast Poems 9:00am /// Initiations into Hermitude 11:00 am /// Equinox Planetary Magic /// VIOLET

Sunday September 22nd

House Clearing, Closing Spaces and Disentanglement 9:00am /// 11:00am DISPERSE!


Recommended Reading (Not Required):

“This Bridge Called My Back, Fourth Edition: Writings by Radical Women of Color”, Gloria Anzaldúa, Cherríe Moraga

“Meditations on the Tarot”, Anonymous

“Healing Magic”, Robin Rose Bennet

“Emergent Strategy” adrienne maree brown

“Ecodeviance”, CA Conrad

“Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body, and Primitive Accumulation”, Silvia Federici

“Views From the Real World”, GI Gurdijieff

“Tao Te Ching”, Laozi

“World As Lover, World As Self”, Joana Macy

“Letters From Linda Montano”, Linda Montano

“Blackfoot Physics”, F. David Peat

“Staying Alive: Women, Ecology, and Development” by Vandana Siva

“The Earth Path”, Starhawk

“The Pleiadian Workbook: Awakening Your Divine Ka”, Amorah Quan Yin