The Golden Dome School is a Los Angeles based Mystery School founded in 2013 by artist and intuitive Eliza Swann to study intersections of art, spirituality and ecology. The Golden Dome School honors ideals of responsiveness, communal learning, and evolving artistic disciplines that foster community building and environmental and social justice. Since its foundation in 2013, The Golden Dome School has collaborated with over 200 artists, mystics, and scientists to produce exhibitions, performances, classes, publications, and artist residencies year round.

We are doing all of this without outside funding or institutional support. We have stayed afloat by charging tuition for classes and residencies at the lowest rates possible and with the help of many volunteers and bartered services within our DIY community. We are working hard to declare ourselves a non-profit organization, apply for grants, find some land to work with, and ultimately offer our programming freely to anyone who wishes to participate. We created this “shop” to ask our community to help us as we restructure our organization so that we can serve more people.

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