The Golden Dome School is pleased to offer a “Tarot Initiates” certification program.

In the last 15 years of reading Tarot cards for herself and her community, Eliza Swann has developed a system of intuitive Tarot study based on combined practices of energy healing, hypnosis, alchemy, and ceremonial magic. During this course, you will learn the foundational lore and symbolism contained within the Tarot, the Golden Dome system of ethics for readers, how to offer readings and reflections, and how to work with the Tarot ceremonially.

To become a Golden Dome School “Tarot Initiate”, you must complete one four hour class, and one hundred hours of personal study, followed by a one on one check-in at the end of your hundred hours. This program is suitable for beginning and advanced practitioners alike who are searching for a systematic study of Tarot history, symbolism and practice.

The first Tarot Initiation class will take place in Los Angeles at Pieter Performance Space. You can sign up for this class HERE.

Pieter Performance Space
June 23rd, 2019
2pm – 6pm
420 W Avenue 33, Los Angeles, CA 90031
*you can get to Pieter on the Gold Line

An overview of the course:

4-hour group tarot course = $47

100 hours of personal study guided by a workbook = free

1.5 hour check-in with Eliza = $150

You will receive a certificate in the mail once all three stages have been completed.


What is the purpose of receiving this type of initiation? Many tarot practitioners are self taught, and this is a perfectly valid way to work with this tool. The “Tarot Initiation” is for folks who feel more comfortable receiving a formal system for study and practice.

What if I don’t want to become a professional Tarot reader? No problem!┬áThis course is of benefit to those who want to use it to open their understanding of the Tarot, to develop a personal practice, or for those who wish to develop a professional practice.

Will the “Tarot Initiates” program be available online? No, we do not offer online classes.

I am brand new to the Tarot – can I participate? Yes – anyone at any level of experience is welcome.

Will you tell me what deck to purchase? Once you have enrolled, you will receive an e-mail with deck requirements.

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